about me.


Tahnee received her cosmetology license in Portland, OR in 2009. She than relocated to Monterey, California where she received her lash extension certification. In addition, she pursued cosmetic tattooing in New York City with Eye Design founder and Master Technician, Nadia Afanaseva. Tahnee has since taken an advanced microblading course in Portland, OR with Kate of Saint Rose Co. 

 She has a well-rounded and unique approach as a beauty practitioner - her core belief is that beauty is created from within. Over the decade Tahnee has developed as an artist and continued her education in the field of cosmetology along with working towards her degree in psychology and human development. Having an eye for fine details and a strong foundation in customer service, she has decided to merge all of her skills- thus the birth of Blink//Brow.




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