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Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture with an emphasis on creating the best shape for each person's individual face. Enhance and accentuate your facial identity with custom natural-looking brows guided by Tahnee’s fine eye for detail.

We welcome you to the collective to experience a completely bespoke approach created uniquely for you.






Tahnee believes the most beautiful thing you can possess is your confidence. Her work honors the beauty within each person and helps them reclaim their true essence and the spirit from within.


Thank you so much for your brow magic. It was a subtle change but it made all the difference in the world. My self-confidence has gone up so much. Thank you - brows of my dreams! I've gone out of the house without a spot of makeup every day this week, first time in years!


Tahnee is the most wonderful human being and a brow witch. If you can get in with her you will not regret it. She really works with you to find what you want and explains the process as you go.  Super knowledgeable and friendly, I highly recommend her!


Tahnee is the best eyebrow artist around. Her work is AMAZING. You can tell she's a perfectionist- she really took the time to map out my brows and continued adjusting them until they were symmetrical and exactly how she and I wanted them. Look no further. Her work speaks for itself.


Microblading in Monterey CA


  • No Accutane for 1 year 

  • No sunbathing for 30 days 

  • No Retin-A, acids for 30 days

  • No chemical peels, Botox or injectables for 21 days 

  • No fish oil, vitamin E, blood thinners, aspirin and other pain killers for 3 days

  • No waxing, threading, eyebrow tint for 3 days 

  • No alcohol the night before and no coffee, alcohol day of

  • Other considerations: We cannot microblade people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consent from a physician is required if less than 6 months out of treatment for cancer or auto-immune diseases.

Microblading in Monterey CA


Initial Session

  • A topical numbing agent is used to reduce any discomfort

  • Brows are drawn on and measured to uniquely complement your face

  • You and your artist will work together to confirm the desired shape before starting the process

  • Feather-like strokes are placed using a hand tool and ink is deposited into the upper layer of the dermis for fuller natural-looking brows

  • Brows will be darker immediately after the session and will settle to the desired color during the healing process

  • Aftercare instructions and a healing agent will be provided

Touchup Session

  • Touchups are normal for microblading and typically at least 2 sessions are needed to complete your brows

  • Once your brows heal from the initial session (~6-12 weeks), you will return for a touchup where we perfect the brows

Maintenance Retouch Sessions

  • Following the initial and touchup sessions, brow maintenance is recommended every 10-18 months

Microblading in Monterey CA


  • Wash treated area gently morning and night for 10-14 days. Detailed aftercare process will be provided by the tattoo artist and can be found in the FAQs below.

  • Do not touch brows with your hands, and do not pick, peel or scratch brows

  • Avoid direct water on brows

  • Avoid use of cleansers, soaps and heavy creams

  • Avoid activities that may cause increased sweating such as high intensity exercise, saunas, hot baths, jacuzzi for 14 days

  • Do not apply brow makeup for 14 days

  • Avoid laser and chemical treatments, creams that contain Retin-A or glycol acid, acne products, lightening creams, bleaches, tints, threading and waxing facials for 30 days

  • Avoid sun exposure for 30 days 

  • Avoid Botox and injectables until brows are fully healed

  • Once healed, apply sunscreen on brows since sun exposure can cause brows to fad


Microblading in Monterey CA


  • Healing is unique to each individual and can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks

  • Days 1-7: Your brows will continue to darken and look thicker 

  • Days 7-14Your brows will flake and appear patchy and muted

  • Days 14+Your brows will settle to the desired color

  • Here is an example of how brows heal and color changes after the microblading session

Microblading Healing in Monterey CA

We've compiled a summary of what to expect, or for more details, go straight to the full FAQ list

Detailed FAQ
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